Our MBA program helps students enrich their managerial competences, add value to their current business knowledge, sharpen both their analytical and conceptual skills, and further their career while improving their employability. A 2010 study shows that business degrees have the highest labor market potential in Hungary.* Our internationally recognized MBA program, with all classes taught in English, gives you the competitive edge you need to get ahead in this hypercompetitive business market.

Our MBA program caters to a wide-range of backgrounds in order to provide you with a real-world classroom experience. Students with a business background as well as those who are interested in making a career change are encouraged to apply. All levels of experience, from small business owners to managers of multinational companies are equally welcomed to our program.

The program is designed for:

1. Working professionals to enhance their business knowledge and managerial competences,

2. Those who plan to run their own business or shift to the field of business, but do not have a business background, and

3. Nonprofessionals, who want to gain familiarity and understanding with the business world in its original language.

In this rapid changing socio economic and political world, Hungary needs creative and innovative business leaders dedicated to excellence. As a graduate from our MBA program, you will be able to take your career to the next level. Not only will you gain the necessary knowledge to interact successfully with your international peers, but you will work side by side with Hungary’s upcoming business leaders. The network you form in the classroom coupled with your internationally recognized MBA degree will solidify your guaranteed success in the future.

*Educatio Nonprofit Kht (2010): Diplomás pályakövetés – Diplomás kutatás


Dr. Adam Novotny
MBA Program Coordinator, EKF Learning Centre - Eger

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